My goal is to create a safe place in which to learn skills to ask for and receive the touch and cuddling you need for a healthier self.  

You may ask for what you desire and are never required to touch or be touched at any time.   If it turns out you are not interested in cuddling when you arrive at your appointment, that’s ok, we could just talk or sit quietly and listen to music, maybe meditate. It’s really up to you.

All emotions are welcome here:  Touch is a very powerful and profound experience. You may open up old wounds or experience a blissful release of joy and happiness.  All emotions are welcome here to the extent that you do no harm to yourself or others.

This is not a time/place for sexual experiences:  This is a clothes-on experience to receive consensual touch. Sexual feelings are natural but not the purpose of our time together. There is no touching of the genitals, rubbing and fondling of the breasts, or kissing. However, due to the nurturing nature of the session, arousal sometimes happens. If that occurs, we can switch positions, take a break, or I’ll move to be the “Big Spoon”.

What happens here stays here:  This is a safe space to try new things, confidentially.

To get the best experience out of your session please follow the below listed guidelines and suggestions:

Be Hygienic:  Brush your teeth and have fresh clothes on or with you to change in to. If needed, a shower is available for use during your session time.

Wear comfortable, loose clothing:  Wear something you feel good in.  Sweats or shorts and a t-shirt or pajamas. Something easy to relax in.   Clothes will stay on the whole time.

Please don’t wear strong scents:  Please don’t apply perfume or cologne right before a session.

Please don’t smoke right before a session: This also qualifies as a scent. If you need a nicotine patch to get through this, please add this as an option.